Mihajlo Grbovic

Senior Research Scientist
Sunnyvale, California

I joined Yahoo! Labs as a Scientist in September 2012. Since then, I have been working in the Targeting Science group on projects such as Large-scale Behavioral Targeting, Lookalike Modeling, Tumblr Monetization, Email Monetization, Email Categorization and most recently on Query to Ad matching in Sponsored Search. Some of my biggest accomplishments include building a large scale Interest and Gender Ad Targeting pipeline for Tumblr Sponsored Posts, and training email classifiers, which are part of Yahoo Mail Smart Views that millions of people interact with every day. I received my PhD from the Department of Computer Science at Temple University in Philadelphia. My thesis work was on Machine Learning applications in Decentralized Fault Detection and Diagnosis. During my PhD studies I worked in the areas of Sparse Principal Component Analysis, Ensemble Methods, Preference Learning and Ranking, Memory Constrained Data Mining and Constrained Convex Optimization, and was a Research Intern at Xerox Research Labs Europe, ExxonMobil and Akamai. My current research interests lie in Ad Targeting, Monetization, Web Search and Data Mining.

Advertising Science, Machine Learning and Data Science, Web Search and Data Mining


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