Academic Relations: Faculty Programs

We're dedicated to building long-term relationships with faculty and students, providing real-world problems for classroom learning and exposing students to employment possibilities.There are brilliant minds all over the world and we're excited to find new ways of working together, creating a global intellectual community. We invite you to explore our programs and offerings for faculty.


Faculty Research and Engagement Program
Interested in collaborating with Yahoo research scientists, visits to Yahoo, access to data and funds for your research? We’re committed to forging strong alliances with top academics by collaborating on cutting edge research to advance web science. The Faculty Research and Engagement Program is designed to produce the highest quality scientific collaborations and outcomes by engaging with faculty members working in areas of mutual interest.



Yahoo Speakers on Campus
Our employees are passionate about their alma maters and stay actively involved with all aspects of university life. Yahoos are frequently found on campus giving tech talks about their areas of interest and expertise. In some cases we are able to provide speakers to attend on-campus events (depending on the nature of the event, the topic and location).


Access to Datasets
With over 500 million users worldwide we have the perspective to help academic research reach a new level. We love to share the kinds of challenging problems in the world of the Internet that we deal with every day. In that aim we’ve created a reference library of interesting and scientifically useful datasets for non-commercial use by academics and other scientists. We’re pleased to make these datasets available to researchers who are advancing the state of knowledge and understanding in web sciences.


Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is becoming an important arena for researchers and developers to test next generation software services, and scalable software and systems is at the heart of providing cloud services via the Internet.

At Yahoo, we are very supportive of academic research in cloud computing that, to date, has been limited due to significant cost barriers in getting large computing systems operational and the lack of software tools. By making large systems available and by contributing to open source software such as Pig and Hadoop, we hope to enable researchers and students to innovate and create new kinds of systems, applications, and tools, pushing the boundaries in this field.


Yahoo Sponsored Campus Seminar Series
One of the many ways Yahoo Academic Relations (AR) interacts with top universities across the U.S. to sponsor seminar series in academic areas of high interest to Yahoo scientists, engineers, and business people. Talks in these series are given by world-class faculty members, PhD students, and industry experts.
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